Shoes Empowering Africa

Stuff for the Poor exists to help the poorest of the poor in Africa become self-
sufficient. Helping transform the people of Africa from dependency to self-
sufficiency through love and education is the dream of SFTP.

SFTP is a charity that collects and sells used clothes, shoes, bikes and light
household items to cover the tuition, textbook fees, room/board, and uniform
costs for 105 orphans in the villages of Uganda and Haiti.  An African buyer
then resells the shoes at an honest price to the African middle-class who may
not otherwise not have any shoes at all.  Not only are people in Africa being
helped tremendously with wearable shoes and education, but American
landfills are not being filled with things that easily could go to help those in

Education is the key to ending the cycle of poverty, both here in the United
States and in Africa.  Please help SFTP in its monumental task of changing lives
forever by giving us your time, your energy, your goods and your expertise to
our organization. If you are interested, click on the
Contact Us and fill in with
your information
or call us at the number listed at the bottom of this page.
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